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Police Designation – From $390

[Description of designation] Have a gorgeous female stripper perform an exciting choreographed, full nude strip show for your Bucks Party. Then enjoy an extra hour of topless waitressing after her striptease to guarantee a night of unforgettable memories.

  • [Features of Designation]
  • Full Nude Strip And Topless Waitressing
  • Interactive Guided Touching
  • 1.5 Hours Of Action And Adventure

Army Designation – From $300

[Description of designation] For larger groups that prefer the company and banter with Melbourne’s hottest topless waitresses, barmaids, and lingerie models. Have a gorgeous group of ladies arrive on location ready to get your party started with drinking games, flirtation, and lap dances. Available for 2 and 3 hour package options.

  • [Features of Designation]
  • 3 Beautiful Topless Waitresses
  • Exciting, Interactive, Half Nude Vibes
  • Drinking Games, Lap Dances, And Extras!

Male Stripper Designation


(Starting at $800)

Fireman Designation

Are you more of a show entertainer? Got a bucks party or birthday coming up and want to arrive in style? Send us the deets to your location and have the girls from Crimson collect the boys for the dopest ride of your lives! Includes champagne or spirits of your choosing, and 2 gorgeous topless entertainers to accompany your group from point A to point B.

  • Perfect for bucks groups of all sizes
  • Joy ride in a pimped out Party Bus
  • 2 sexy and flirtatious topless waitresses

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Suit And Tie:
(Starting at $115)

Suit And Tie

Is your group ready to step it up a notch and take your event to the seas? How about a party boat cruise with the industry’s hottest strippers to do their choreographed full nude performance? Kick back and sip on the beverages of your choosing for 3 Hours of fun and adventure. Includes a 3 Hours Boat Cruise, All Inclusive Drinks Package, and 1 gorgeous stripper.

  • Great for mid size bucks party groups
  • Cruise around the city with All Inc Drinks
  • Full nude choreographed strip show

(Starting at $115)


Maybe the clubhouse vibe is more of your fancy? Get ready to book one of our party venues for a night of drinking games, babes, booze, and beer pong! Relive the movies with this Bucks Package and get ready to be served drinks by some of the hottest women in Melbourne! Includes 3 Hours Venue Hire, All Inclusive Drinks Packages, 2 gorgeous topless waitresses, and 1 stripper to do her full nude choreographed routine.

  • Perfect for larger bucks party groups
  • Exclusive venue hire with All Inc Drinks
  • Sexy topless waitresses and a hot stripper
Stripper And Waitress Combos
Multiple Package Options
Venue Hire And All Inc Drinks
Bottomless Beers And Babes
Quick Pricing Guaranteed
Voted No. 1 In Melbourne
Boats, Booze, And Beauties
Dope Vibes Only

Why Choose Us?

Over 5,000+ Bachelor Parties!

Are you planning a Bucks Party in Melbourne? Whether it’s your first time planning an event, or you’re a seasoned veteran, the team at Crimson Fever is here to ensure that you and your bucks group have an awesome experience. With so many activities to consider, planning the perfect event can be a bit tedious, time consuming, and stressful. As busy modern men, you already have too many things on your plate to have to worry about the little details and logistics of organizing the perfect party.

Gentlemen, it’s time to get serious about making sure that your brother’s Melbourne bucks night is a hit. Imagine rocking up to the wedding reception and having nothing to talk about because you and the boys spent the entire stage party watching Netflix with the boys. And yes, as cool as watching movies at home may seem, you know what could have easily been added to spice things up?… Lots of booze, a bunch of afternoon activities, and a gorgeous topless waitress or sexy stripper, ready to give you and your mates the celebrity treatment.

Don’t know where to begin and need a bit of inspiration? Here’s an example of a bucks night we organized last year.

Start your big day with an afternoon activity to set the tone for the boys. There’s nothing better than bonding over a few brews at a popular Melbourne pub, followed by an action packed event like paintball, boating, or go-karting. Have the party bus pick your bucks group up afterwards and joy ride your way through the Melbourne CBD where you will all be taken to your own private venue for hire. Want to ensure a dope evening? Why not an All Inclusive Drinks package where the groom and his entire entourage can experience the best bottomless drinks packages in the city, all served by the sexiest topless barmaids and lingerie models in Victoria. Then, when everyone is all fired up, get the boys together to witness an exciting full nude strip show by some of the hottest female strippers in Melbourne.

The possibilities are endless! Need more suggestions or are curious about other bucks party packages? Give us a call at 0422263955 or send us an email inquiry at [email protected] and have one of our helpful event organizers answer some of your questions while providing you with assistance with pricing, logistics, and anything else in between.

Topless Waiter Designation


TW Starter Kit
(From $125/Hr)

So you have a bachelor party with your best mates and need some extra entertainment to spice things up? Gentlemen, you came to the right place because Crimson Fever is ready to turn up the heat with one of the largest topless waitresses in the nation! Need a few half naked hotties to serve beer or play drinking games with you and the boys for a couple of hours? Yes, this is definitely the product for you. Perfect for any birthday gathering, bucks night, or boys night in, our girls are professional conversationalists and are guaranteed to ignite the vibe and get your temperatures rising.

  • Belt
  • Bowtie

Accessories What you need


(From $250/Show)

Maybe you’re interested in seeing more of a full nude show? Witness the spectacle unfold as your stripper arrives at your front door dressed as a sexy cop , school teacher, army personnel ready to make your buck stand at attention. Hiring exotic dancers is almost a right of passage for the modern man and his friends. So it’s no wonder why our strip dancers have been some of Melbourne’s most requested entertainers for over a decade! With each exotic dancer comes with them an on-theme, action packed and entertaining choreographed striptease. Bring the strip club experience straight to your bachelor party or bucks group with the hottest roster of female strippers in Melbourne. So what are you waiting for? Get the dollar bills ready and send your VIP off in style with the most elite female strippers in Australia!

Spice Up Your Melbourne Bachelor Party!

As Melbourne’s most premiere adult entertainment agency, our female strippers, topless waitresses, and models pride themselves in making your night unforgettable. Aside from the beautiful talent we have on our roster, how else do we tower above the competition? Well it all starts with an unbreakable foundation underpinned with exceptional customer service. Experience the Crimson treatment with one of the most efficient and organized event admin teams in Australia. Each staff member assigned to a bucks party, Melbourne bachelor party, or stag night is carefully debriefed of all customer notes and requests upon accepting management of the event. We understand and appreciate the importance of your event, and take every precaution necessary to guarantee not only dope vibes to your party, but to also ensure a seamless and smooth deployment.

Crimson Fever is one of Victoria’s largest collective of female entertainers, strippers, topless barmaids, and performers, with our influence spanning across the nation. With 100’s of state-specific supplier arrangements established with an array of unique service providers, there is no bucks activity beyond our scope or out of our range. So regardless if you’re planning an event and have questions around party packages, and want to organize an entire itinerary to create the most exciting bucks night experience for your entire entourage, Crimson Fever’s got a variety of options for the best man to consider. We have custom products tailored to building the perfect experience for you and the boys with exclusive access to party venues, afternoon activities, all inclusive drink packages, vehicle hire, and nightclubs.

Do you have all of your activities covered, and just need the entertainment piece? We got you covered there as well. Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your party and are just gathering info to book strippers in advance, or all of a sudden need to book female strippers last minute, our helpful team is available immediately.

Need a quote right away? Done. Give us a call and get instant pricing within 5 minutes. You got questions around female stripper or topless waitress availability? All good, give us a call today and allow su to give you the rock star treatment!


Other Individual Accessories The Planning Stage



Group Size

Depending on your headcount, you may wish to consider a few different activities over others. Larger groups tend to book venue hire and all inc drink options due to the spacing issues. Let’s say you have a group of 20+ and are the best man organizing this event, how do you plan on getting all of these dudes in one place and behaving somewhat responsibly? Exactly. Smaller groups on the other hand, may opt in for a more agile activity like a private boat cruise with topless waitresses because it fits their vibe.

  • Belt
  • Towel
  • Bowtie

Group Vibe

This one’s pretty simple – what’s the crowd like? Most Melbourne bachelor parties have a bunch of different personalities entering the group. Ask yourself, “what’s everyone like when they’re drunk? Will there be personality clashes where maybe a tamer activity is recommended?”

Group Budget

When planning the perfect night, the next thing to realistically consider are the overall costs that are associated with transport, drinks, entertainment, and everything in between. As the one organizing your mate’s bucks night, you’re responsible for coordinating with each person in the entourage. You need to collect money, get approval, consider alternative suggestions, etc. Larger groups may be harder to liaise with, but also tend to command a larger budget because there’s more money in the mix which opens the doors to more bucks party activities to choose from.

Marchandise for our customers


Air Fresheners, Mugs, T Shirts

[Commerce Page – Air Fresheners, Calendars, Mugs]

Our research team compiled 2023’s most popular Melbourne bucks party activities. It takes time to craft the perfect bucks night idea, so the team at Crimson did it for you. Not every Bachelor Party activity is created equal and always depends on the headcount, vibe, and budget. These recommendations were based on the average Melbourne bucks night group of around 8-10 guys in their mid 20’s to late 30’s, celebrating their event in the Melbourne CBD.

Top 10 Melbourne Bucks Party Combinations

  • Venue Hire + 2 Strippers + All Inc Drinks
  • Pub Poker + Boat Cruise + 2 Waitresses
  • Go Karts + 1 Stripper + Nightclub Booth
  • VR + Party Bus + Venue Hire + 2 Waitresses
  • Paintball + Beer Pong + 2 Strippers + Booth
  • Pub Darts + Party Bus + Venue Hire
  • Mobile Drinks + 3 Waitresses + 2 Strippers
  • Pub + Party Bus + Shooting + 2 Waitresses
  • Golf + 2 Lingerie Models + Classy Dinner
  • Cocktail Cruise + 2 Waitresses + Strip Club

Personalised Items


Signed Calendars, Custom BDay messages, Custom Video IG reels

[Benefits of custom gift ideas from our dancers]

  • Signed calendars
  • Signed merch
  • Custom video messages

[Talk about delivery method and expectations]

Crimson Fever Money Back Guarantee For A Bucks Party In Melbourne

100% Money Back Guarantee

As Melbourne’s most reputable entertainment service, we are one of the few agencies that confidently offer a 100% money back guarantee within an hour of your purchase. We understand that when planning your Melbourne Bucks Party, sometimes plans do change unexpectedly, which is why we do our best to accommodate you. Crimson Fever is a SQUARE Partner, so you can rest assured knowing that we do not collect or store any of your data upon securing your deposit. With every transaction, our reliable customer service team provides you with a payment receipt summarizing your purchase, along with the estimated time of arrival. We take your event very seriously and prioritize only the best strippers, waitresses, and entertainers to take on your party.


Common Questions On Organizing A Melbourne Bucks Party:

Yes we can! Though we would normally recommend at least 2 weeks of prep time for any organizer to successfully plan a Bucks Party in Melbourne, our admin team can also help with last minute inquiries. Crimson Fever has dedicated resources to specifically service last minute bucks party inquiries, regardless of location, time, and customer demographic. We pride ourselves in ensuring that each and every inquiry is accommodated for regardless of how last minute they may be. Crimson Fever has one of the largest strippers for hire rosters across Australia, with our Melbourne bucks activities being some of the best in the industry.

Because we have the fastest response time across the nation, we can typically get a stripper or a topless waitress to your door within 30-45 minutes upon receiving your deposit.

To secure your bachelor party booking, we just need your initial down payment. The quicker you can you make a deposit, the quicker we can get your event on our calendar. Each Bucks Party then allocates the specific activities and entertainers to your booking, upon receiving your deposit. Filtering through bucks party packages and activities is a seamless experience when working with one of our team members. If you are curious about what options are best suited for your Melbourne Bucks Party, send us an inquiry today at [email protected], or give us a call today at 0422263955.

Planning a Melbourne Bucks Party can be a bit overwhelming when you’re first starting out. The fastest way to get the ball rolling on organizing your special day is to give us a call on 0422263955 for instant and immediate assistance. For those curious about additional bucks party packages or options around pricing, our customer service team can also provide you with an on the spot quote that’s valid for 24 hours. Otherwise, the first step to your securing your bucks event is to fill out the inquiry form with your name, phone number, and email. Someone from our team will then give you a call within minutes to gather booking information regarding your event, location, and time. Typically, the earlier you organize your party, the more options you will have when selecting the perfect activities, strippers, and topless waitresses for your event.

Absolutely! We have a wide variety of options available to each and every bucks group. We suggest giving us a call at 0422263955 to discuss your options. We have serviced over 5000+ Bucks Parties across Melbourne and throughout the country. Our helpful customer service team members can show you our most popular packages and services for your entourage, or custom tailor a unique experience to fit your vibe and ensure an unforgettable evening.

We have a wide variety of routines, experiences, and packages our waitresses can play along with and execute to make your Bucks Party memorable. We suggest giving us a call at 0422263955 to discuss your options. We have serviced over 5000+ Bucks Parties across the country and can show you our most popular packages and services to ensure a seamless and fun evening.