Bucks Party Melbourne

Bucks Party Melbourne
The Hottest Melbourne Bucks Party Ideas In The City

Voted No. 1 Melbourne Bucks Party: An Awesome Time For All The Lads


Quick And Awesome Bucks Night Ideas

Topless Waitress: From $125/Hour

Get your Melbourne Bucks Party Shenanigans happening with this fantastic Top 5 product, guaranteed to get you and your guests going wild with an awesome weekend filled with absolutely nothing but boobs, ass, and partying.

  • Good Way To Get Fired Up
  • Sexiest Party Roster In Australia

Stripper: From $250/Show

Access the most gorgeous exotic dancers to exist around the city of Melbourne, as they arrive in style to your bucks party. Travelling all over Melbourne, this trending activity includes a full nude, clothes off, routine that’ll have your head spinning!

  • Great For Late Inquiries
  • Customise Details, Time, Place, Service Area

The Top 5 Bucks Party Ideas We Highly Recommend!


Las Vegas Casino Night Experience

From $60 Per Person

Bring your poker face and get your bucks party shenanigans started with the most beautiful Topless Dealers in Melbourne. Choose a private bar from one of our many party locations, as you and your pals down food drinks and play cards as you prepare for an epic weekend.

Whether it’s a classic Las Vegas style evening of poker, roulette, blackjack card counters, or free flowing drinks at one of our hidden basement bars, you and the gang can organise the ultimate bucks experience for the groom to be. Customise a unique bucks party itinerary and arrange your own exclusive poker package by selecting from popular bucks daytime activities.

One of the most fun bucks party ideas Melbourne has to offer, this package includes a private room, poker games, great food, and gorgeous female stripper who performs an electrifying choreographed, full nude strip show for you and your best mates on your big day. Send the strip club your way, and enjoy an extra hour of topless waitressing after her striptease for a guaranteed great time your best mate will never forget.

Activity Inclusions:

  • Private Room For The Best Buck Experience
  • Full Nude Strip And Topless Waitressing
  • Guided Touching From Our James Bond Girls
  • 1.5 Hours Of Action And Adventure
  • Great For The Lads That Love Poker Games



Melbourne Brewery Tour Package

From $80 Per Person

Ditch the designated driver and get ready for the ultimate bucks party with a brewery, pub, and restaurant tour you and the crew will always remember. Start your day with a Beer and Food bundle at a popular Melbourne city bar, as you and your mates begin your Bucks Night.

Have the freedom to choose how tame or untamed you want the afternoon to go with our range of booked entertainers dedicated to building the vibe. Play drinking games and down beers at your private venue and wait for your Party Bus to transport the special man and his guys to the next bar around the city.

The special man will spend the next few hours at a whisky bar where you can all enjoy a diverse sort of spirits and beers, then end your night with a bang at one of Melbourne’s hottest nightclubs!

Expected Activity Inclusions:

  • Melbourne Bar And Brewery Tour
  • Party Bus Transportation To Each Bar
  • 2 Sexy And Flirtatious Topless Waitresses
  • Dinner Accommodation Options Available
  • Point A To Point B Joy Ride With Pit Stops



Ultimate Bucks Party Boat Package

From $115 Per Person

Get the blokes ready for one of the best bucks party ideas Melbourne city offers, because when these party boats come to town, they don’t just pull up and catch your attention, you and your lucky guests become the life of the party. This ain’t your uncle’s Byron Bay fishing charter, because arranging this private party package this summer will have you and the lads smooth sailing down the Yarra River smashing beers amongst the company of Australia’s sexiest girls.

Prepare the ultimate bucks experience as the buck and his guys set sail around Docklands or cruise down the Yarra River for a fun night you and the rest will never forget! This party boat comes equipped with free Wifi, beer, and a spirits and food bundle that put most Melbourne bars and venues to shame.

Then sit back, grab your mate, and let some of the hottest girls in Melbourne entertain you and your guests for a good ole fashion booze cruise down the Yarra way.

Expected Activity Inclusions:

  • Private Bucks Party Package Party Boat
  • River Cruise with 3 Hour All Inc Drinks
  • Full nude choreographed strip show
  • For beer groups that love being on a boat
  • Optional Drink And Basics Spirits Upgrades



Warrior Bucks Party Experience

From $115 Per Person

For the guy and his friends who found glory in axe throwing and spending their days traveling the world in a past life, this next experience has been voted one of the best bucks party ideas in Melbourne. Catering to the sort of groom with interests to explore his inner Viking in style, he can cheers to the gods and find Valhalla across multiple party venues in Melbourne city, South Yarra, and St Kilda.

Popular amongst Melbourne Bucks Parties, the buck and his mates can also challenge each other in archery attack after throwing axes on a target board. With transportation to get you to each of our bucks party venues, throw your worry in the bin and arrive to the next bar to celebrate your big day!

Expected Activity Inclusions:

  • Includes an exclusively booked bar area
  • Private Venue with All Inc Drinks
  • Sexy topless models and a hot stripper
  • Axe Throwing And Archery Options
  • View Our Bucks Beer Pong Idea Upgrade



Big Smoke Country Western Experience

From $150 Per Person

Another bucks party package we recommend, this Wild West style night will get the guys and groom absolutely fired up for the weekend. A smash hit vibe with a convenient Melbourne city, South Yarra, and St Kilda destination, this package has a range of awesome and classic entertainment perks for a unique bucks experience.

Why spend your bucks near the Yarra River doing barefoot bowls, or organising a one-night-trip to ski fields outside of Melbourne city, when you, your mates, and the lucky groom can spend your night tasting whiskey at one of our fantastic St Kilda venues, or getting involved on the mechanical bull!

As one of the best bucks party ideas Melbourne city offers, it’s no wonder why so many private bucks nights grab the opportunity to arrange this package and recommend such a classic offering to their people.

Expected Activity Inclusions:

  • Full Nude Strip Show With All Inc Drinks
  • Top Class Exclusive Private Venue
  • Fun For Bucks Parties That Love Whisky
  • A Great Time For The Groom And His Guys
  • The Best Party Venues In Melbourne



Kidnap The Buck Experience

From $180 Per Person

Test your prank tolerance with Melbourne’s most hilarious bucks party package. More pressure than your drivers exam, it’s time to get down to basics, because in these games, our Crimson team of Lady Bounty Hunters spend the next few hours planning their strategy to find your guests in the Melbourne CBD.

Check in at some of Melbourne’s hidden bars and clubs, because by the time our girls arrive, we have already won. No, this isn’t a day at the Melbourne Races, or a round of golf, thanks to the Live Bounty, these ladies check every crevice in the area and don’t rest until they achieve glory and find your group.

During the planning stage, the girls bring the necessary field equipment to deal with the ongoing Melbourne bucks search, ensuring a successful bounty. So, don’t even think about going home early to change clothes because you feel anxious about being caught, because once the clock starts the game begins, and we can’t guarantee your bucks group will make it out in one piece!


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Making The Best Bucks Party Ideas Come To Life

5,000+ Bachelor Parties And Counting!

Gentlemen, your main man is finally getting hitched! Married life is just around the corner, and after the wedding, he and his lovely bride to be can look forward to going home together for years to come. But until that magic moment, you know what that means? Yep! It’s time for the boys to cook up one last epic night that involves a couple of go karts, hitting a paintball range just outside of town, a round of Melbourne golf, fun in the sun with surf n turf burgers, or a private bar for the lads to get everyone bonding before the wedding reception.

As the Best Man with the job of planning a Bucks Party in Melbourne, the pressure’s now on you to figure out a way to surprise everyone and give your friend a great bucks night. There are a lot of things that go into researching fun, unique, and affordable Melbourne bucks party ideas that meet the group’s requirements. Maybe it’s an All-Inclusive Party Boat Package down the river from the corner of your favorite Melbourne restaurants? How about the chance to explore various Bucks Party Venues around Melbourne City, St Kilda, Collingwood, Carlton, Fitzroy, or Docklands?

Regardless of the party ideas of your choosing, our friendly Crimson experts are excited for the opportunity to create epic nights in the making for you to remember! Our experienced Bucks Event Planners save our clients the hassle of building their perfect bucks party packages, while catering to everyone’s preferences. So cheers to the weekend as we aim high to achieve your request and find the kind of things that truly build the best bucks for your big day!

Melbourne Go Karting
Melbourne Go Karting
Go Karting
Promo Girl Shooting Clay
Promo Girl Shooting Clay
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Paintball Melbourne
Paintball Melbourne
Boat Party Melbourne
Boat Party Melbourne
Boat Cruise
Golf Bucks Day
Golf Bucks Day
CBD Axe Throwing
CBD Axe Throwing
Axe Throwing
Buck Party Poker Night
Buck Party Poker Night
American Bourbon Tasting Bucks
American Bourbon Tasting Bucks
Whiskey Tasting

Need Additional Bucks Party Ideas?

Here Are A Few Options We Highly Recommend!

Whether your bucks party destination’s in one of the Melbourne CBD bars, a St Kilda Air BnB, various Fitzroy Warehouse Clubs, a Docklands townhouse, or a home in the outer suburbs, our friendly staff is here make sure your guys have an epic night that goes off with a bang!

Our list of private afternoon and night activities around Melbourne city is a smash hit for the buck and all the boys. Our party packages make arranging your stag day easy and worry free! Create your own bucks package and green light the ultimate bucks party while adjusting how tame or adrenaline filled you want your day or night to be.

As one of Australia’s top class party planners with end less bucks party ideas, our friendly staff are here to help build a great bucks weekend for your guests. In fact, whether it’s Viking, Western, or James Bond themed bucks party ideas with blackjack, paintball, axe throwing, or go karting, our Melbourne event planners specialise in making it all happen for the groom and his men. Keeping it real since 2014, Crimson’s area of expertise is in the heart of organising an awesome bucks party for our customers across Melbourne, Victoria.

With some of the most fun bucks party packages Melbourne has to offer, we made the Crimson Fever process for organising your own package look easy! Give us a call at 0422263955 or send us an inquiry at [email protected] and one of our fantastic event planners will coordinate available times in their calendar and work with your schedule to create an awesome bucks party list packed with plenty of information on price, logistics, and anything else in between.

Need A More Exclusive Feel For Your Bucks?

Ask About Our Melbourne Bucks Party Venues

A Great Place To Host Your Events! Ask us about our exclusive venue, bar, and Melbourne bucks night options. Dinner, food, and beer upgrades are also available as add ons for each bar of your choosing.
Melbourne CBD Venue
Melbourne CBD Venue
Melbourne CBD Venue
Prahran Room Hire
Prahran Room Hire
South Yarra Venue
Beer Garden Bucks Idea
Beer Garden Bucks Idea
Windsor Venue

Need Extra Entertainment?

Bringing You The Strip Club!

As a premiere Bucks Night Melbourne Entertainment Agency, providing a number of trendy bucks party packages across Australia, our Crimson Ladies are also here to help host your bucks and make your big day amazing with plenty of laughs, great restaurants, and a lot of surprises! With over 5000+ happy bucks events booked, Crimson has been the clear choice as the industry’s one stop shop for Bucks Party Melbourne Packages as well as having the hottest bucks activities Melbourne has to offer.

For the best man that might need to hear this, Crimson Fever’s simple itinerary planner beats the competition and makes booking private events with our exotic dancers and barmaids simple and easy! Calling our Crimson customer service line to have a chat about your bucks day is the first step in organising your epic bash.

Possessing one of Melbourne’s largest party girl rosters with an abundance of choice, our list of entertainers are sure to have a great look that will most likely suit the overall group preference. As a matter of fact, thanks to our entertainers being so good at their job, the main man and his group can can trust in Crimson to help them host the perfect party for their big day.

Choose the look you’re after from a fantastic range of Melbourne entertainers. Our exotic models get hands on with their field of work and love traveling across Australia to deliver an unforgettable bucks night that will leave you and your group wanting more!

So save the date, avoid the wait, and practice slipping dollar bill tips into a g string. Because when it comes to our hiring our Crimson models, it doesn’t matter the time, location, or how you and the guys are living, trust us when we say that you and your group are just their type!

Whether you’re at the start of your planning stages and need to find info on how to book strippers in advance, or all of a sudden need to book exotic dancers in Melbourne city last minute, our helpful staff are always available to catch your inquiry. Thanks to our abundance of experienced hands on staff, we can turn around a free quote within minutes and answer your questions. So, for the perfect balance of expertise and helpfulness, contact us today and get a price within 5 minutes!


Sexy Melbourne Bundles For The Buck And His Mates


Waitress And Show Bundle: From $450

Whether your bucks party destination is in a Melbourne CBD apartment or in the outer suburbs, our friendly staff of lovely ladies are here to help spice up your big day to ensure that your night goes off with a bang! A party package that gives any planner organising the ultimate bucks party the ability to green light how tame or adrenaline filled they want their own package to be.

Get your Bucks Party Shenanigans happening with this great Top 5 product, guaranteed to get your guests going balls to the walls with an awesome weekend filled with absolutely nothing but boobs, ass, and partying.

What’s Included

  • Friendly Staff Of Gorgeous Girls
  • Full Nude Strip And Topless Waitressing
  • Perfect For Bucks Parties
  • Food Drinks Package Available



Waitress Trifecta Bundle – From $690

For groups that prefer the company and banter with Melbourne’s hottest topless barmaids, and lingerie models. Have a gorgeous group of ladies arrive on location ready to get your bucks party started with drinking games and lap dances.

What’s Included

  • 3 Beautiful Topless Waitresses
  • Exciting, Interactive, Half Nude Vibes
  • Drinking Games, Lap Dances, And Extras!
  • Ask About 3+ Hour Hiring Options


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on how to book activities, entertainment, or private bar venues for your next bucks party? Read our FAQ’s, and check us out for yourselves!

Yes we can! Getting a late notice Melbourne city Bucks Night isn’t be a hard thing to set up for us. Whether its at a Melbourne bar eating fish and chips served with a good list of beers for you and your best mate, or maybe a foggy Richmond venue hidden away from the main road, our staff will be able to coordinate last minute inquiries and give you a bit of info on accommodation cost range, budget on food, availability of clubs, venue or room hiring for the blokes, and of course logistics.

Though we would normally recommend at least 2 weeks of prep, thanks to our talented admin team, we can find you a great place to celebrate quickly with the perfect activities to match your preferences. So whether the boys at your bucks want to spend their day on a boat, or are into go karts, golf, sport training, paintball, skydiving, or even camping somewhere north of the city, a Crimson Services Rep will hold your inquiry to highest standard and plan each event with the utmost attention, care, and urgency.

It also doesn’t hurt to know that thanks to our talented Melbourne staff members, we can quickly check Venue For Rent info, available bucks activities, or even service boat hiring inquiries in order to find you the perfect bucks idea for the special man and his bucks group. Even if the inquiry is sent late in the day, and you fancy a food and dinner experience at one of the bars located just north of the Melbourne area, or spend the day putting golf balls in holes with some of the hottest women spectating your hangover in the making, our staff is here to find the best thing for you and the boys!

Because we have the fastest response time across Australia that our competition cannot touch, we can typically get a gorgeous stripper or a super pretty topless waitress to your door within 30-45 minutes upon receiving your deposit. Thanks to their dedication to customer service, this means that regardless of where your place is, or which Melbourne bar your bucks is nursing his hangover, all you have to do is drop your location and someone from our our admin crew will find you a sexy girl to dance for the buck, the best man, and his friends within the hour. Feel free to take advantage of the widest list of entertainers in Australia during the selection stage, and have the top girls arrive at your place to help you throw a night to remember.

Yes! Your group can rest assured knowing that you have plenty of choice when it comes to upgrading a booked bucks party in Melbourne. Thanks to our lovely, hard working ladies, it’s easy to find great talent packages for your bucks party, that will leave your buddies wanting more by the end of the night.

One of our wrong, yet most popular Melbourne entertainment activities is our Kidnap The Buck package, where we work with your organiser to pin a location as we collaborate on a surprise bucks party. The big man himself won’t know what hit him! He and the boys could be flying in from Sydney and be playing golf at one of the Melbourne Country Clubs, our at a beginners cocktail making course taking advantage of the teaching experience, thanks to our covert planners, he will be in a world of confusion once the night has ended.

We suggest giving us a call at 0422263955 to discuss your options. We have serviced over 5000+ Bucks Parties across the country and can give you booking instruction and show you various packages and services to ensure a seamless and fun evening.

Yes! Crimson Fever covers all major cities and remote places across Australia and New Zealand, with event planners located in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, and Queenstown. There is an art and a process to arranging well thought out, classy, and fun nightlife events that suit one’s accommodation budget, entertainment costs, and venue requirements.

So whether you and your men are flying from Sydney airport and are in Melbourne for a good weekend filled with golf clubs, go karts, boats, beer races, poker, paintball, or anything that includes food drinks bucks party packages at a local North Melbourne bar or one of our bucks party venues, all you have to do is drop us a booking inquiry and a Crimson Activities Planner will hear you out and get you covered.

Additionally, your Melbourne Nightlife Activities Planner has a way to create the perfect accommodation to suit the budget and cost of your bucks group. Whether it’s Melbourne, Gold Coast, or any town in Victoria, we work each live booking with the highest level of care and attention by keeping a close eye on all booked Bucks Parties across Australia. We pay close attention to each Melbourne bucks booking across each stage of the night, from the start of the plan stage all the way through, until your bucks night has ended.